Learning to Face Forwards

On the second day of the new year I feel like Janus, looking backwards and forwards, while populating my brand new calendar and personal diary with dates: birthdays, anniversaries and appointments. I also realise that I haven’t seen some of these people whose birthdays I celebrate for years, mainly due to the pandemic, but also […]

Winter pulls its punches

just for a momentin its brutal course that covers all tracesof earth’s life force, icicles come alivewith a sweet green tinge and bloom as snowdropson the edge of spring. Kim M. Russell, 10th February 2021 My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #56: Hit Me With Your Best Shot This Wednesday Rommy asks […]

Candlemas Vow

In the moody half-lightof the Imbolc landscapebetween birch, ash and oak,there’s an unspoken oath. Brassy hazel catkins shimmer,lemony lamb’s tail buds glimmer,and there’s a gleam in Candlemasbells’ nodding waxen flowers. Everywhere, for the first timethis year, is the vow that temperatures will climband imbue everythingwith the welcome scent of spring. Kim M. Russell, 1st February […]

Hopeful Snowdrops

bare trees and grey sky long winter nights stretch ahead stars and icicles hopeful snowdrops awaken early tender shoots of spring   © Kim M. Russell, 2016 My response to Carpe Diem Special #218 Dolores’ 2nd “dreaming of spring” For this second CD-Special of September, Chèvrefeuille has chosen another tanka by Dolores, “dreaming of spring” that […]