Winter pulls its punches

just for a moment
in its brutal course

that covers all traces
of earth’s life force,

icicles come alive
with a sweet green tinge

and bloom as snowdrops
on the edge of spring.

Kim M. Russell, 10th February 2021

selective focus photo of white flowerbud

My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #56: Hit Me With Your Best Shot

This Wednesday Rommy asks us to reflect on either the phrase ‘pull no punches’ or ‘pull your punches’ in poetry and prose, fiction or non-fiction.

Image by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

18 thoughts on “Winter pulls its punches

  1. I am delighted with the way you approached the prompt and the way you’ve personified winter here. This made me look forward to the snowdrops blooming here (though winter is acting more like Rocky Balboa in the Philly burbs and it looks like we may have another snow storm this week).

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