And so the fairy tale goes on

The Little Mermaid

Stave 5

Hearing that mortals

Had eternal souls

The mermaid yearned

To be loved by the prince;

For that she would give up her fishtail.

She set off for the maelstrom,

The sea witch’s home,

Barren of sea flowers and grass,

Where currents swirled and roared,

Through which she had to pass.

She swam through a fearsome forest,

Of monsters

Coiled around bleached bones

Of humans who had perished,

Where she found the crone,

Who granted whatever she wished.

The sea witch made a potion

That she must drink on shore,

When she would remain a human

For ever more.

If the prince did not recognise her,

On the morning after he married another

Her heart would burst;

She would become foam on water.

The only payment

Was the mermaid’s enchanting voice:

For which

The sea witch

Cut out her tongue.

Little Mermaid Stave 5

Image found on Pinterest

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