I have always had a fondness for graffiti…

whether reading it on the toilet wall or discovering it while visiting a tourist attraction in a foreign city, it has always fascinated me, particularly the ancient graffiti in places like Rome; the messages left by prisoners in the cells of castles and old prisons; and those beautiful murals in cities I have visited across Europe.


A world of public declarations
Territorial admonitions
And artistic explorations
Scribbled and scratched
Stencilled and daubed
Bombed and tagged
On toilet walls
On the sides of trains
On bridges and subways
From Ancient Rome to New York
From Belfast to Berlin
Simple words chipped on ancient tombs
Elaborate murals sprayed with paint
Or drawn with marker
In monochrome or full colour
Messages of social comment
And political ideals
Declarations of love
Curses and magic spells
And famous quotes
Kilroy was here

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5 thoughts on “I have always had a fondness for graffiti…

  1. Hey I also love graffiti. But sadly I have not been to any place with a graffiti on a wall, but still I learnt to write graffiti style from YouTube. And now I have my own Graffiti Blackbook. I’ll surely write a post about them. 😀

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