Five Day Photo/Story Challenge, Day 1

I have been challenged by the prolific poetess Jennifer Calvert of Ink and Quill to a 5 day photo story challenge.

I haven’t been challenged before so this is all very new to me – a little bit scary but also quite exciting. As I have been busy with a very part-time job that takes up much of my time during November and December, I will start with a photograph I took at the weekend when I went to Ormesby Broad with a friend. I’ll try to get out in the next few days and take some photographs that I can use for inspiration.

Thank you to Jennifer for nominating me for the challenge. I will have to remember to keep it up for five days and it’s going to be tough nominating five bloggers but hey ho, here we go!

Challenge Guidelines:

Post a picture each day for five consecutive days. Attach a story to your image.

  • Can be fiction / non-fiction
  • Poem / short paragraph
  • Each day nominates another blogger

Here’s my photograph:

Through the window

Here’s my poem:


One quiet moment

 Vacant tables huddle together

Against wind that finds freedom

On water that stretches beyond vision:

Ripping up ripples;

Rattling reeds;

Buffeting ducks and geese

Until they rise

In a cacophony of goodbyes,

Threading the sky

With cursive wings.

For a moment

The wind drops.

Everything is still –

Even rusty leaves.

Brittle branches

Stop tapping

On the window

For one quiet moment

In winter on the Broads.

©Kim M. Russell, 2015

Here’s my nomination:

Today, I want to nominate Daniel Graham of Scuffed Boots who I’m sure will have some magical photographs to share and a few stories to tell, from what I have seen of his blog.

One thought on “Five Day Photo/Story Challenge, Day 1

  1. Kim, I love the poem; beautiful images. thanks for your lovely comment too. Yes the first 3 days I was okay with the challenge and then day 4 and 5 I found hard, as I was at work. But I really enjoyed the challenge, it was fun. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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