The Wisdom of Trees

Inspired by the reflections of Hermann Hesse


Trees are potent preachers, growing together

In woods and copses or standing solitary.

The world rustles in tree tops

And their roots reach to infinity.

Nothing is holier or as perfect,

As a handsome, robust tree.

A felled tree reveals its naked wounds,

A story told in a slice of stump,

Written in its growth rings and deformities.

Trees are shrines.

Trees speak.

Hidden in every tree is a heart,

A spark,

A thought.

Every tree is unique:

Its shape and the veins of its skin;

The smallest scars on its bark;

The tiniest play of leaves

In its topmost branches.

Trees know nothing of ancestors,

Nothing of the children

They beget each year,

Trusting in the secret of their seeds.

Trees whisper in the evening,

When we are plagued by childish fears.

Trees have long-lasting, peaceful thoughts;

Living so much longer

They are wiser.


© Kim M. Russell, 2015



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