A Winter Haibun

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Heeding Haiku


So far the winter in Norfolk has been extraordinarily mild. We already have spring blossom on some trees, daffodils are showing, some are even blooming, and it’s too warm to wear scarf, gloves and hat. We haven’t even lit a fire! I love dressing up in layers of clothes and going for a brisk walk in frosty weather, to return to a welcoming fire. At the same time, the North of England, Scotland, Wales and parts of Ireland are being battered by fierce storms and floods.

Longing for crackle

of frost and haze of iced breath

warm woollen comfort

(99 words)

© Kim M. Russell, 2015

9 thoughts on “A Winter Haibun

    1. The weather forecast and news for today look grim up North. The weather here in North Norfolk is fair and breezy, but I’d prefer to be in Italy – back again in May for my daughter’s wedding and I can’t wait!

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      1. Doesn’t sound pleasant at all up North .. glad your area is doing better. Let’s hope that May will be beautiful for the wedding! In what area of Italy does your daughter lifve?

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      2. Tuscany is lovely … my husband was from near Florence and our youngest son was born in Grossetto. May is usually a great month to be in Tuscany, neither too warm nor too cold.

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