Your shoes will make you happy today

My response to #dversepoets ‘as the cookie crumbles’


Sunday morning sun pushed its way

Through windows grimy with winter smears,

Crooking its finger – an invitation to enjoy the day.

Pulling on sturdy shoes unworn for several years,

We made our way to a nearby strand.

Invigorated by wind and waves, we strode

In silence on the flatness of the sodden sand,

Following faint footsteps of other walkers,

Sometimes apart, sometimes hand in hand,

Gazing out to sea or kicking stones,

We were together and we were alone.

And then, around a corner of the sea wall,

We came upon a colony of seals,

Lazing in the pallid sun or dipping in the sea,

Rolling in the sand, oblivious to you and me

Smiling at the message in the fortune cookie:

Today our shoes had made us happy.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

Your shoes will make you happy today


3 thoughts on “Your shoes will make you happy today

  1. SMiLes..
    ha! i’m
    the only one
    with dVerse
    who figured
    out now how
    to comment
    and that’s
    ’cause i now
    go barefoot..
    and so do seals..
    that’s why they don’t
    worry over humans..
    secure they are..
    iN tHeir feats..
    yes.. humans
    who go barefeat
    remember this too..
    But seriously.. as a note
    the LInkie goes to a page
    with no comments
    or liking buttons
    but yeah..
    i found the
    other door..
    wInks again..:)

    Liked by 1 person

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