Last Sunday’s walk on the beach

I couldn’t see an episode of Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha’s ‘Echoes of my Neighbourhood’ today but I thought I’d post this anyway. Update: Jacqui has posted her ninth edition.

As you will see from the poem I posted yesterday, ‘Your shoes will make you happy today’, a response to the dVerse poets ‘as the cookie crumbles’ Chinese New Year prompt, my husband and I went for a Sunday walk along the North Norfolk Coast, at a place called Horsey. The usual access road was blocked with parked cars – we weren’t the only ones with that idea last Sunday. We drove back down the coast and parked with two other cars near a track across fields, not far from where a friend of mine lives. What a place to live!

Once over the dunes, this was what greeted us!

We walked east along an empty beach, clambering over rocks, discovering a rock pool along the way…

WP_20160207_13_01_46_Pro (2)

until we found this!

WP_20160207_13_11_03_Pro (2)

I was able to get up close to this seal – one of its eyes was damaged. Luckily it had a friend to guide it back to the pod.

WP_20160207_13_33_23_Pro (2)

I hope to get out with the camera again soon to take some shots of Norfolk windmills!


9 thoughts on “Last Sunday’s walk on the beach

  1. I did the right thing by starting this challenge. Gosh, you get to see so much beauty. A person could stare at those skies for day’s. So calm and clean looking beach. Good for a thinking walk. I wonder how the poor Seal will cope with one eye?

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