Traces of the Girl

Response to Me, Myself and I…or is it? dVerse Meeting the Bar


Sometimes I catch a glimpse of her

In a mirror or shop window,

See traces of the girl she used to be.

Critical of the gained weight,

Disappearing definition,

Laughter lines

And silver threads in her hair.

I try to love her,

Feel her struggle up the stairs,

Fingers numb and tangled,

Unable to remember

What she’s doing there;

Groping in the dark

For names

And words –

It used to be so easy.

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of her,

See traces of the girl

That used to be me.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

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22 thoughts on “Traces of the Girl

  1. We are spirit utilizing a body, it is only the husk, the shell that ages. In the mirror I flash back & forward, catching glimpses of the boy & my grandfather; both inhabit my face.

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  2. My great Aunt at 94 taught
    me the greaTest leSson oF
    aLL.. i without a heARt..
    SpiRit.. no longer
    soUL.. then
    @47.. waste
    land life from
    her spiRit
    as Strong as
    ever before..
    crippled feet
    slowly stepping
    with walker.. almost
    blind with age as well..
    but the liGht in her eYes
    as young or younger than
    ever before.. a sMiLE
    that kNew no age

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      1. SMiLes Kim.. And thanks fot your inspiring poetry.. As a hobby i’ve actually posted a poetic response using every single individual link of every prompt from dVerse over an entire year.. i’m a couple of prompts behind but it doesn’t matter ’cause i don’t link.. But wInks that’s a moot point ’cause i am a traveling blog.. Anyway.. Hehe.. But at any rate.. In the next month or so i will make an unabridged blog novel out of the year effort copied and pasted in my blog daily as is.. Of over 100K words titled GodsUniVerseNovel3.. And this will be the third in around three months of 1 of 3 in a trilogy.. Just for fun.. It would be impossible to print in ink or E-book as YouTube Videos are integral pArt of the art for fun.. Including poetically streaming photos.. Anyway.. thanks for your kind words of appreciation.. It seems.. Some folks think i am crazy for doing this.. ha! A crazy poet.. Like that’s something new.. Winks and Smiles again..;)

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