Arctic Escape

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Haibun Monday #17

In most parts of the UK, July and August are on average the warmest months of the year: blue skies, sunshine and soaring temperatures. Although it has been said that a British summer consists of two fine days and a thunderstorm which, until the last few weeks, appeared to be true. I revel in a good summer storm with the loudest possible thunder, the most spectacular lightning and short, sharp downpours of refreshing rain. Our garden may be a jungle, but it’s shady, cool and green. Most people wish for long, hot, hazy days in the sun: crowded beaches, ice cream on the pier and uninterrupted cricket on the village green. For me, that is torture – I’d prefer to put on my favourite jumper and gloves, and float away on an iceberg.

Sirius rising,

short of breath and perspiring:

Arctic summer calls

© Kim M. Russell, 2016

Arctic Escape

A summer sunset in the Arctic.found on

15 thoughts on “Arctic Escape

  1. Smiling I am — especially at the British flavor you’ve given us US folks – uninterrupted cricket and your favorite jumper 😊 Here we sing “take me out to the ball game” during the 7th inning stretch of the baseball game and long for the days when we can wear our sweaters again! 😊

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  2. SMiLes my friend.. Kim.. i too
    am enjoying a subtropic
    low thunder storm two
    day respite from
    Florida Panhandle
    Summer heat.. watching
    my lush jungle forest of a back
    yard.. sparkle with drops of diamonds
    on each leaF.. wet and green is as beautiful
    as mixed clouds and storms and sun will bRing
    my FriEnd.. and although the window in my
    room next to this 27 inch iMac Desktop
    work horse screAM.. shines kinda briGht..
    my 24 inch bedroom long and narrow
    window provides
    a view to a
    ROOM oF
    God just
    my bedroom
    freer E-scape..

    Beauty of the
    Rain sun
    drips glisten Life..:)

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