6 thoughts on “Silent Windowbox

    1. It was too short, I ate a dodgy pizza on the last day, but otherwise utterly beautiful and inspiring. I went to the memorial to the 22,000 Polish prisoners who were shot in the head under the orders of Stalin. I plan to write a poem about it and have some stunning photographs. It made me cry. There is a true feeling of stoicism and humility everywhere you go in Poland. I have a number of Polish friends here and from when I lived in Germany. The father of my best friend in Germany was Polish and was captured by the Nazis – taken from a field where he was working in just his shirt and trousers. He ended up in Cologne where he met my friend’s mother. My friend had no nationality until she was in her twenties, when she paid to become a German national even though she was born there. I was offered German nationality after five years of living and working there but I decided to keep my British passport. Polish art, film animation, children’s books and music are among the best in the world. Can’t say I’m crazy about some of the food though – too much meat for me!

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