Spring Concert

blackbirds are crooning
backed by rumbling of ravens
and woodpecker’s drum
nature’s musicians perform
a concert to welcome spring

Kim M. Russell, 2017

My response to Carpe Diem honors Jane Reichhold (1937-2017) B.) musical chord (tanka)

In the second episode of this special Theme Week, in which we celebrate what would have been Jane Reichhold’s 80th birthday, Chèvrefeuille has reminded us that Jane didn’t write only haiku but was also a tanka poet and renga master, and he has shared some of her tanka to inspire us to write our own in her honour:

flowered wind
in your wild hair
the will of love
as a bright nimbus
frames your rosy face

flowing over the mountains
wind in rain
the moaning of mothers
harsh breath among tears

musical chord
footsteps on the threshold
where growing up
a house once held a warmth
hearts beating alone together

face of the moon
in the hot tub
a swirl of bubbles
where one naked body moves
a liquid night-time sky

breaking to bits
fallen leaves
drawn down to earth
a hammered silver circle

© Jane Reichhold (A gift of Tanka)


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