Meditation in Blue

deep mediation
floating in a clear blue sky
colour of your eyes

Kim M. Russell, 2017

My response to Carpe Diem #1131 meditation

In this episode, Chèvrefeuille discusses meditation. He says that meditation is not something we learn from only the Eastern religions and spiritual movements, but it is also part of our Western philosophy. Meditation helps you to focus and come in close contact with the spirituality of nature and the Cosmos. Meditation can give us the peace we need in our lives. He believes that everyone has his/her own way (and reasons) to meditate and this is what Paulo learns during his pilgrimage to Santiago.

As Paulo and Petrus (his guide) are on their way to Santiago they use several exercises to find their deeper grounds. Today, Chèvrefeuille has introduced ‘The Blue Sphere Exercise, which he says is a wonderful way of meditating and will bring the comfort, peace, love and silence we need to break loose from our daily lives.

magic experience
surrounded by a blue sphere
I find my peace

deep silence
closing my eyes
the blue sky

© Chèvrefeuille

17 thoughts on “Meditation in Blue

  1. Wonderful words..since we are talking about Meditation ,I would like to add that though most of the people want to do Meditation but they don’t know how & from where to start.

    Well here’s my small effort to help you commence – Learn extremely effective Meditation technique in just 4 minutes !


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