Listening to White

a silent moment
messages from the cosmos
language of white noise

Kim M. Russell, 2017

My response to Carpe Diem #1139 listening

Chèvrefeuille says that before we enter Santiago De Compostela, there is another thing Paulo had to learn. Not everyone can listen, be that listener who can and will help you to solve your problems or give answers to your questions. A good listener has to be prepared to always listen the sounds, feelings, emotions, words and more from those around them.

[…] ‘We are not smart enough to be able to listen to the silence! We are just human beings, and we don’t even know how to listen to our own ramblings. You have never asked me how I knew that Legion was about to arrive. Now I will tell you how: by listening. The sound began many days before, when we were still in Astorga. Starting then, I began to move along more quickly, because all the indications were that we were going to meet up with him in Foncebadon. You heard the same sound as I, but you were not listening.
‘Everything is contained in sounds – the past, the present, and the future. The person who does not know how to listen will never hear the advice that life offers us all the time. And only the person who listens to the sounds of the moment is able to make the right decisions.’ […] (Source: The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho)

 Petrus, Paulo’s guide, asks him to sat down and then tells him about the “Listening Exercise”:

[…] ‘Relax. Close your eyes. Try for several minutes to concentrate on all of the sounds you hear in your surroundings, as if you were hearing an orchestra playing its instruments. Little by little, try to separate each sound from the others. Concentrate on each one, as if it were the only instrument playing. Try to eliminate the other sounds from your awareness.
When you do this exercise every day, you will begin to hear voices. First, you will think that theyare imaginary. Later, you will discover that they are voices of people from your past, present, and future, all of them participating with you in the remembrance of time. This exercise should be performed only when you already know the voice of your messenger. Do this exercise for ten minutes at a time. ” […] (Source: The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho)

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