Cracked Open

Bare earth rose: buckled,
eroded craggy outcrops
on the horizon,
exposed to a breathless sky
and Aurora’s lotus sun.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Cracked Open.jpg

‘Cracked Open’ by Ally Saunders

My response to Tuesday Poetics: Ally Saunders – A Closer Look

This week Mish is hosting Poetics and has a guest: Ally Saunders, an artist from Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. Ally is one of the fine artists featured in Mish’s previous poetic prompt, New Beginnings, and agreed to tell us a little more about herself in an interview with Mish, which you can read on the dVerse website, and to share her work to stir our poetic muses.

Our prompt today is to take a closer look at Ally’s collection featured in the post OR from her website. Mish wants us to within ourselves, find our own interpretation and write a poem. When using an image of Ally’s work, we must remember to credit it properly with her name and a link to her website,  I chose a colourful piece entitled ‘Cracked Open’, which links to yesterday’s Quadrille prompt – dawn.


47 thoughts on “Cracked Open

    1. Thank you, Sarah! I’m staying with my daughter in Guildford at the moment with my dodgy Kindle that changes my words, so I won’t be doing any posting until I get home. However, I have been taking photos. 😊

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    1. Thanks De! I took in some breathtaking views today on a walk with my daughter and her dogs on the Pewley Downs in Surrey. I took plenty of photos from which I hope to develop some poems. I’m back on line fir a few days on Friday but will be off again for Mum’s funeral.


    1. Thank you, Sarah, but I’m trying to work out how it was posted! I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and just checked on a Kindle to see what the prompt was for the weekend mini challenge. This morning, there’s an old post linked to Brendan’s prompt!


      1. Might as well leave it now, Magaly, seeing as people have left comments. I wasn’t at all well yesterday and when I checked on the Kindle whether the prompt was up, I must have touched something without knowing. I’m safer with an old-fashioned keyboard!

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