Spirit of the Broads

The smell of freedom
and warm winds of summer
linger in my sails a little longer,
tangling ragged leaves in ropes.
I feel the chilly current
from the deep below,
persistent waves ripple and
break against my prow,
tug my mooring,
in a constant urging
to break free
before I am encased in winter.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Spirit of the Broads

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Weekend Mini Challenge: Boats

I’m hosting the mini challenge this weekend with a prompt about boats. When I was a child, the only boats I knew were the pedal boats in the local park and those in songs. I love boats, which is why we’re writing about them! I wrote this draft about the boats in the moorings at the bottom of our garden. One Sunday morning very soon, a crane will arrive to lift them out of the water onto land in preparation for winter.

31 thoughts on “Spirit of the Broads

  1. Oh, the lure of boats! And you wrote about it so beautifully. It was always a sad time, after Labor Day where I came from (first Monday of September for those not from the U.S.), they’d pull the boats in off the lakes — sail boats on the one close to where I lived. That, and school, signaled the death of summer.

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    1. Thanks Charley! It’s always on a Sunday morning when they pull out the boats here. I thought it would be this weekend but there’s no sign of them yet. It’s noisy, so I’d notice!


  2. I don’t know if “broads” has the same connotation in the UK as in America, but the speaker’s identification with boats–traditionally referred to in the female person–late in the season made me celebrate this woman’s savoring of open water before it is too late. Great response to the challenge, Kim.

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    1. LOL! The Norfolk Broads are linked rivers and man-made lakes, a national park in the UK. I live on the edge of them. They are beautiful. It’s worth looking them up on the Internet.


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