Mirror Magic

The mirror in the garden pond
is cracked with rushes, irises,
rotting leaves and watercress;

a single poppy lingers on,
pale petals promise oblivion.

In the mirror of the garden spade,
a toad with its glittering topaz gaze,
legs akimbo and puffed up body

dangles from the shiny blade,
toxin flooding warty membrane.

Mirror, mirror of tainted spells
misted murky with glabrous mistrust,
your gilt frame flakes with worm and rust.

The sorceress abjures her poisoned apples,
fills her hands with greetings not farewells.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Image result for original snow white illustrations of the wicked queen and her mirror
Image found on Pinterest


A poem for dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night; also linked to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads A Skyflower Friday: Goodbye

65 thoughts on “Mirror Magic

  1. If you’ve plotting to make me fall in love with your poetized fairytales, well, lady… You’ve done it. I’m always taken by your descriptions, and love how I can see all sorts of wonders in a single one of your lines. This one, for instance: “your gilt frame flakes with worm and rust” is fun to look at, to say aloud, and to explore. My brain played with the word “gilt”, turning it into guilt that rotted. And “frame” and “flakes” make such a nice song in the mouth.

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  2. Glabrous – is a wonderful word – so oddly sinister – (glad + scabrous ha). Such a sinister, spooky piece – the toad’s ‘toxin flooding warty membrane’ is terrific.The rhyme says everything’s fine here – while the words say ‘run’.

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  3. The opening description of the pond as a mirror is so well done. I could picture it so clearly. I loved how you utilised the same line and took the description further in the poem. I really enjoyed the read.

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  4. I loved this: Though the setting is sylvan there is a toxic booding in the rooks, making us hunker down in expectation of the arrival of the witch: And yet we are treated to a smile not a curse, a greeting not a farewell. Does the image reverse in the reflection?

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  5. This is absolutely stunning, Kim!💞 I am enamoured with ‘a single poppy lingers on, pale petals promise oblivion’ there is so much meaning and depth in that single description. The threat of being plunged into the unknown and forgetfulness.. and yet its beauty striving to linger on… sigh..💞

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  6. Hi! I feature work from fellow artists and writers at my blog, Between the Lines. This month’s theme is ‘Magic’ and I’d love to include your poem. May I reblog this?

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  7. Reblogged this on Between the Lines and commented:
    Maybe it’s just the fact mirrors star prominently in my WIP but I always think they’re a little underestimated. This poem by Kim881 captures the subtle power behind the looking glass beautifully.

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