Winter Moon

When we lived only yards from a beach, we took many late night walks with our Jack Russell cross terrier in all kinds of weather. The wind on the North Norfolk coast is a force to reckon with, together with the mounds of sand that drag your feet. Jasper, our dog, loved the flatness of the beach when the tide went out, when we would roll round stones and balls for him to fetch.

A walk by moonlight was something else. Dunes shape-shifted into whales, the sea shimmered like silk and, in the frost of a winter moon, the sand glittered with millions of tiny diamonds.

a break in the cloud
disarranges winter’s veil
moonlight smears the sea

Kim M. Russell, 2018

Image result for a break in the cloud moonlight on sea and dunes
Image found on Pinterest

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Haibun Monday prompt: Fuyu No Tsuki

Victoria is our host today and she says that, this January, our Moon is demanding that she be given attention by staging for us, her admirers, two full moons, both of which are super moons, and adding to this the exclamation point of a lunar eclipse for the second full moon on January 31.

For our Haibun prompt today, Victoria has chosen the Japanese Kigo, Fuyu No Tsuki—winter moon.

57 thoughts on “Winter Moon

    1. Thanks Viv. You’ll have to make it quick because our coastline is crumbling away. Two stretches of dunes and cliff fell into the sea recently. Happisburgh, which isn’t far away, has lost so many houses to the sea that insurance is sky high there. Luckily, the seals at Horsey pay no attention to any of that!,

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      1. Its so sad what climate change has done to the coast line. And those poor home owners…i can’t imagine the agony! Did you say Seals? I’ve been in London for too long! Will surely try this year 🙂

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