Lake Titicaca

the lake’s blue stillness
glacial melt and giant frogs
embracing the sun

Kim M. Russell, 25th May 2018

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My response to Carpe Diem #1440 Lake Titicaca

We are approaching the end of our journeys, having travelled through the Andes and dived into the history of these mountains.

Today we are visiting Lake Titicaca (Bolivia), also known as ‘the birthplace of the Sun’. It’s the largest lake in South America and the highest navigable body of water in the world.

6 thoughts on “Lake Titicaca

    1. I’m not sure what happened, Gayle. I’ll have to investigate when I’m on y laptop – this Kindle keeps doing weird things! Hope you’re well too! xxx


    2. Hi Gayle! I’m confused. I only linked up the haiku to the Carpe Diem prompt and I’m not sure which revision prompt you mean. Was it on your blog? I would love to have a go.


    3. Oh! I see what you mean. It’s linked to the weekend meditation revise prompt – I thought I’d linked up something else. I’ll sort that out now!


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