Finding the Way Day 1

following folk tales
in crumbs and moonlit pebbles
finding adulthood

Kim M. Russell, 15th July 2018

Image result for paintings and artwork hansel and gretel following the trail of moonlit pebbles
Image found on Pinterest

My daily response to Carpe Diem Summer Retreat 2018 Finding the Way

At Carpe Diem, it’s time again for the traditional seasonal retreat: a period of 30 days in which the goal is to write a daily haiku or tanka about a theme. In this year’s Summer Retreat the theme is ‘Finding the Way’.


11 thoughts on “Finding the Way Day 1

  1. this is really wonderful Kim – I love how this works so well as a haiku – I keep flipping the 1st and 3rd lines around the 2nd – and it just is so rich – each word is … word perfect and speaks (in a sublime way) of this journey …

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