Bundles of Contradictions

bundles of letters
sorted and tied up with string
life’s contradictions

Kim M. Russell, 1st August 2018

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My response to Poets United Midweek Motif ~ “a bundle of contradictions” (from Anne Frank’s last letter)

Susan has shared the last entry in Anne Frank’s diary and a range of quotations and poems on the Midweek Motif; our challenge is to write a new poem with the motif ‘a bundle of contradictions’ or inspired by Anne Frank.


18 thoughts on “Bundles of Contradictions

  1. An exquisite haiku, Kim! ❤ I love the image of those letters .. the possibility of light and heavy news and the decision left to the person whether or not to indulge. So much in such few words! 😊

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  2. I, too, love old letters—my parents’ courtship letters, my dead uncle’s letters about struggling with words (he was a poet), my own childish letters to my grandmother, which she had kept in a bundle of love and yes, contradictions…

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