Since I retired and as I get older, I find I need less sleep. I frequently wake around three, four or five o’clock, unable to return to the dark cocoon that enveloped me so cosily when I was younger.  When the cats chirrup from the bedroom door, I no longer turn over and burrow back under the duvet, but slide out of bed, ready to start a new day.

Back when we had Jasper, our dog, with whom I always walked before work, it was a struggle to get up and motivated but, after a cup of tea and a few slices of toast, bundled up in waterproof jacket, hat, scarf and wellington boots, autumn and winter walks were no chore. We’d stroll up the road and down the lane, exhaling clouds and watching wildlife scurry into the hedgerow as we approached. We’d greet the horses in their paddock, chase fallen leaves and marvel at frosted cobwebs adorning bare branches.

nature has woken
sun bleeds through creases in clouds
warmth of crumpled sheets

Kim M. Russell, 3rd September 2018

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Haibun Monday: Good Morning!

Mish is our host for this Monday’s haibun and the theme she’s chosen for the prompt is ‘morning’. She says we could describe a morning routine, a special morning memory, an early morning walk or a glorious sunrise. The birds may be singing praises to a clear, blue sky or the fog may have set in. As we all know, not all mornings are wonderful. She has also given as inspiration a piece by Frank J. Tassone, which was originally posted as a response to a MTB prompt in January.

37 thoughts on “Morning

    1. I miss Jasper but I love my cats so much I don’t think I could have another dog. My bicycle has finally been released from the shed so I hope to be out and about on it, riding up and down country lanes, very soon!


  1. I could relate to wanting to burrow back into the covers but not being able to. Something that has definitely come about with age, but not sure why! A lovely visual walking with your dog. It sounds like it was well worth it in the end. Your haiku is gorgeous.

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  2. Some of you live in such halcyon spots; just the bare bones suburbs for me. You are bang on about aging vs. 8 hours of sleep–but on the 4 hour nights I tend to nap to catch up.

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    1. My husband has finally dug out my bicycle from the shed so that’s something I will be doing this autumn. Walking and cycling mean I don’t miss anything – I can watch leaves fall, spot wildlife and breathe!


  3. I love the last few linesof your haibun and about Jasper. what a good boy! I am looking forward to autumn and winter when the hot muggy mornings of summer go away. I love the way you have taken us on your walks with you. thank you so much for sharing your mornings with us. the haiku is lovely.

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  4. Such visible and delicious autumn/ winter walks you describe. And a wonderful haiku. I particularly like the image of ‘sun bleeds through creases in clouds’

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