Love Eternally Day 12

October downpour
kissing beneath an awning
patter of raindrops

Kim M. Russell, 27th October 2018

Image result for kissing under an awning in the rain
Image found on Pinterest

My response to Carpe Diem’s Autumn Retreat 2018 Love Eternally

It’s time for Carpe Diem’s Autumn Retreat, a period of 30 days to write haiku or tanka every day on a specific theme: ‘love eternally’.

10 thoughts on “Love Eternally Day 12

  1. ah, a moment to stop and smell the rain – take refuge and “make hay while the sun shines” – or rains 😉

    lovely, simple sentiment, I can almost smell the rain and hear its sound, and see this moment unfolding 🙂

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      1. rain rain rain … go away? LOL … well, when it must, it will, as it will, anyhow … and I’ll take rain over piles of snow …. so, it’s all okay, even if it does get a bit dreary on the spirit. After the rain smell …. hmmm … wonder if we could bottle it? 😉

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