Dewy Mushrooms

not yet that many days
of autumn dew

a forest of ashen moons
sprouting from the earthy mulch

pine mushroom
with its ragged top it’s
like a pine tree

snowy spores a prediction
early sprinkling of winter

glistening dew
not spilling from bush clover
still it sways

the watery weight of dawn
in a scattering of jewels

morning glories
in the daytime a lock lowered
on the gate

shadows and a brazen cat
are the only visitors

chrysanthemum flowers
bloom at the stonemason’s
between stones

a cheerful splash of colour
against the graveness of grey

moon past full
the beginning of a little more

stealing light from the garden
and sending nature to bed

Matsuo Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)                                   Kim M. Russell, 29th November 2018


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My response to Carpe Diem #1555 Renga with Basho … still it sways

Today  our challenge is a new ‘Renga with Basho’, in which we choose the sequence of six given haiku and add our two-line stanzas of approximately 14 syllables, closing the chain by creating an ageku (closing stanza) that associates with the hokku (starting stanza).

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