Springtime with Jane

rippling grass
wind moves up the hill
light waves
­                                                      the gentlest of caresses
­                                                      a shimmer of emerald light
forgotten brook
running the centuries down
locked in rock
­­                                                      an enigma of nature
­                                                      sparkling secret in the dark
floating clouds
down from the mountain
a puddle of rain
­                                                      nectar for a thirsty frog
­                                                      bass baritone of love songs
white pussy willows
above a muddy swollen river
fat raindrops
­­                                                      dripping a percussive patter
­                                                      through branches dotted with buds
flute melodies
across green ocean waves
spring meadows
­                                                      a thrush’s trill sweeps away
­­                                                      last cobwebs of wintry days
beach diamonds
a new day crystallized
in sunny surf foam
­                                                      the ebb and flow of seasons
­                                                      waving goodbye and hello

Jane Reichhold                             Kim M. Russell, 31st March 2019

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My response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #78 Renga With Jane Reichhold: Springtime

This weekend we have been invited to create a renga with Jane Reichhold, using six haiku by Jane chosen from the spring section from her modern saijiki, A Dictionary of Haiku.

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