Thoughts of Life

icicles hanging
at the gutter of the old mansion
sun’s reflections
­                                                         mirroring moments of life
­                                                         before melting forever
this cold winter night
laying naked under my quilt
feels like summer
­                                                         intense heat of ecstasy
­                                                         drives the moon to distraction
snowdrops blooming
waving goodbye to Winter
nearly Spring
­                                                          no more shades of monochrome
­                                                          hello to Technicolor
in love with his reflection
vainglorious guy
­                                                           bowing his golden trumpet
­­                                                           to the ripples in the stream
light of ember
mysterious shadows on the wall –
a cool summer night
­                                                           Autumn’s gentle reminder
­                                                           that all things come to an end
messenger of heaven
circling high above my head –
re-thinking my life
­                                                           sun dips behind the roof top
­                                                           and melts slowly into night

Chèvrefeuille                                      Kim M. Russell, 5th May 2019

Image found on Pinterest

My response to Carpe Diem Weekend Meditation #83 Renga With … sun’s reflection

In this weekend’s meditation, our challenge is a ‘Renga With ..’. episode with our host, Chèvrefeuille. The aim is to create a Renga with the six given six haiku by adding two-line stanzas between the haiku. We may choose our own ‘line-up’ but should try to make it a closed chain by linking ageku and hokku.

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