Hibiscus Eater

to get hibiscus red
the artist eats the flower                          Raymond Roseliep

it flows out vivid crimson
blooms into inky haiku                            Kim M. Russell, 26th May 2019

Image result for the word hibiscus black on white

My response to Carpe Diem #1667 Tan Renga Challenge Month May 2019 (14): Hibiscus Red Raymond Roseliep

In the last Sunday of May 2019, and the last week of the Tan Renga Challenge Month, we have a haiku by a not so well-known American haiku poet, Raymond Roseliep (1917-1983), described as ‘the John Donne of Western haiku’. He won the Haiku Society of America Harold G. Henderson award in 1977 and 1982. In 1981, the following haiku sequence, ‘The Morning Glory’, appeared on over two thousand buses in New York City:

takes in
the world
from the heart out

our day
into itself

on its own
inner light

Raymond Roseliep

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