5 thoughts on “Canna Lilies in the Rain

  1. cool — squib is really cool — 🙂

    but just so you know, – I hate to rain on your parade, so to speak, but the image is not of a canna lily. In fact, it’s most likely a tiger-lily or a day-lily – which are of the true Lily family. Cannas are not. And now, most often, Cannas are simply called “canna” – just do a search and you’ll get an idea about the foliage and flowers – you’ll see how different the two species are.

    Cannas have honking big vinyl like leaves – sort of “broad-leaf” – and most often are grown for the huge bulk in spread and height. The flowers, when they shoot up come from sword-like stems, and the flowers themselves are sort of indecisive – look more like a cross between a gladiolus and lily, with far less definition and character. The foliage often is very tropical looking – different varieties boast stripes and bright yellows and greens, or the darker varieties, with rich, deep mahogany or burnished copper.

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    1. I had an idea the lilies in our garden weren’t the canna variety but they looked so good in the rain this morning I just had to snap them and use the photos in my post! I’m not sure I could find an appropriate image on the Internet. Now I’ve read your description, I would love some canna lilies. 🤓

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      1. tiger lilies, which is what I think they most likely are, from your pics – which are really cool — are wonderful – easy, basically little maintenance, other than regular dead-heading – and I’m guessing, judging by the pictures, that they are quite tall? and have been there forever? LOL … if they are really really tall, they’re tiger lilies. And another surefire way to know them, is the blooms – the blooms will stay fresh and perky for more than one day – which is the hallmark of Daylilies. (hence the name) –
        but Cannas are a completely different beast – not a lily at all. And depending on your zone – clime, might be used as an annual – as in lift the tubers in the fall, store them, replant them in the Spring.

        Lilies in the rain are lovely to contemplate. Cannas, for the flowers? no – but the leaves … yes. 🙂

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  2. After reading your poem, I can even see the eyes on the blooms. Not to mention the maw of the flowery squid. I love your visuals, they way you’ve art(ed) the nature of one things into another, and made fit so well.

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    1. I’m so pleased you wrote that, Magaly! I like ‘the maw of the flowery squid’. Later that day, the sun came out and they opened up again, looking a little tatty but so brave. 😉

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