One Shining Moment

One of my shiniest moments was when I played the genie of the lamp in my junior school’s production of Aladdin. I was about ten years old, very shy and lacking confidence, but I loved singing, dancing and acting, the only times when I came out of my shell. My costume was bright and colourful, with lots of sparkling paste jewels, and the make-up elaborate. The best part was that the pantomime was overseen by a teacher who had previously worked on special effects in the film industry; he created the perfect bang, flash and coloured smoke as I appeared from behind a ‘boulder’. I was so proud when we received an excellent review in the local newspaper.

velvet curtain falls
on the best show of the year –
glittering snowflakes

Kim M. Russell, 22nd June 2020

Arabian Nights | Arabian nights, Aladdin, Magic lamp
Image found on Pinterest

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Haibun Monday: traditional writing – on a shining topic!

Lilian is back this Monday with a U.S. experience, something called March Madness. She explains for those of us in other parts of the world that it has to do with collegiate basketball and an annual tournament, which did not take place this year due to the pandemic. Throughout the tournament, behind the scenes, the media usually film and splice together scenes of great joy and jubilation, cheering, mascots, great plays, etc., into one film, adding clips  from the final game, all of which is shown on national television at the end of the tournament. The final film is called ‘One Shining Moment’, words which Lillian believes are applicable to each of us.

Lillian asks us to write about our own Shining Moments in traditional haibun: one to three prose paragraphs that must be true accounts, not fiction, and end in a traditional haiku. I have kept the newspaper cutting about our school pantomime for many years, but I can’t remember the last time I saw it. I had to find another image to illustrate my piece.

44 thoughts on “One Shining Moment

  1. Wonderful and fun shining moment! Oh how I wish you had a photo of yourself as the genie….that would be so fun to see. And oh my goodness… have the bang flash and colored smoke….plus a costume with jewels 🙂 A young girl’s perfect dream! So fun!!! Thanks for sharing.
    And the haiku is beautiful….with the perfect shift and also seasonal mention. Wonderful haiku!

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    1. It was said that it was a professional production. None of us forgot our lines and the audience laughed at all of the jokes. I’m delighted you enjoyed it. ;0


  2. Such a delightful memory. I began acting in plays in high school. I was never shy, and 8 yeas later I was a professional actor.

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    1. Sometimes I wish I’d done the same. I did work in the film industry for a while, but on the film rights and distribution side. I dabbled in screen writing but never really got anywhere.


  3. Thanks for sharing your delightful shining moment.
    I’ve always been shy, and I never had the nerve to try out for chorus or plays. My daughters, however, are wonderful on stage or doing public speaking–they take after their dad there. 😀

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