The Wrong Daisies

Will’s mouth gaped. What had just happened?

Willa used her wand to stir the drops of potion that remained in the cauldron. Everything was as it should be: she could see tiny pieces of daisy petals, willow bark, nettle leaf and yellow buttercup pollen. She ran to the door to look at the forest of daisies that was growing at an alarming rate, not only in her garden but also the rest of the village.

‘Will! Did you bring me ox-eye daisy petals?’

‘I don’t know,’ replied Will, ‘I thought daisies were daisies.’

‘No. They are not. I wanted the ones that grow in the lawn.’

‘I picked them from the flowerbed. What’s so special about them?’

‘They are fairies that were enchanted by a garden witch. I’m keeping them here until I discover a spell to release them. If another witch or goblin were to find those daisies by accident, we would be overrun with fairies. I don’t think the villagers are ready for that yet. We must reverse my growing spell.’

Willa collected the ingredients for another spell herself. She didn’t want to risk another mistake, and time was of the essence. Will watched as she dashed about brewing and stirring – there was no time for a trance.

‘Will, run as fast as you can to the village green and make sure all the villagers are still celebrating May Day. I might have to tie them up for a while, until you’ve grown to the right size.’

Will clicked his fingers on both hands and found himself behind the May Queen’s throne. The villagers were performing a tricky dance around the maypole, weaving the brightly coloured ribbons as they skipped. Just as he was about to click his fingers again to return to the cottage, the ribbons suddenly twisted and writhed until the all the villagers were neatly tied to the pole. Time stood still. Birds stopped singing, butterflies and bees froze on flowers, and the villagers closed their eyes and fell asleep. Willa’s magic was certainly being tested. Why couldn’t he keep his goblin size and pretend he was a child? He could promise to shave his whiskers every day and always keep his hat on.

Kim M. Russell, 28th June 2020

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Another episode of The Willow Tree Goblin for Poets and Storytellers United Writers’ Pantry

I wrote this episode last Tuesday during Shut Up and Write hour.

29 thoughts on “The Wrong Daisies

  1. Loved it This good become a great book. I looked up ox-eye daisies as I didn’t know of their existence. I was already in the mood for fairies as my husband made an amazing fairy door and windows for someone today. Now I want them too lol.

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  2. This is incredibly riveting, Kim! 😀 I love the gradual brewing of anticipation and moral in the story and agree with Marja! It has the makings of a best-selling book! 💝 Especially love; “Birds stopped singing, butterflies and bees froze on flowers, and the villagers closed their eyes and fell asleep. Willa’s magic was certainly being tested,” can’t wait to read what happens next!! 🥰 🥰

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