Al Fresco

a hot summer’s day
sizzling into evening
supper on the grill

Kim M. Russell, 2nd July 2020

man grilling outdoor
Free image by Vincent Keiman found on Unsplash

My response to Carpe Diem back on track, a new month, a new theme: Exploring the Beauty of Haiku

I am delighted that Chèvrefeuille is back with a new episode of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai. There are a few changes: he will publish only on weekdays and the response time is now within five days. Special features will start next week and will include the Tan Renga Challenge and Crossroads.

The new theme is ‘Exploring the Beauty of Haiku’, with traditional and new haiku writing techniques, and this first episode introduces a writing technique that isn’t well-known in the world of haiku: apokoinou. The explanation is quite technical, but it is a form of ambiguity. the examples speak for themselves. I particularly like this one:

skating in the moonlight
after the dispute
the sound of windmills

Yasuomi Koganei

When the haiku is ‘broken’ with apokoinou, the ambiguity is clear: ‘skating in the moonlight after the dispute’ and ‘after the dispute the sound of windmills’.

 Our challenge is to write haiku using this technique.


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