If only I could float
through the mists of time
in Morgana’s enchanted boat,
to the island of the apples,
that fertile fortunate isle
that is leaf and sunlight dappled:
the place where Excalibur was made
and Arthur was laid
to rest, with nine queens to watch over him.

I imagine how I’d find the king,
wake him from the deepest sleep
and help him build another keep,
surrounded by a happy city
untouched by modern technology –
a Camelot peopled by loyal and healthy,
creative crafters of art and beauty,
all feasting in the great hall
at a table sturdy and round.

But no one knows when or where
the enchanted island may appear,
and I can only dream of becoming
the twenty-first century Guinevere.

Kim M. Russell, 27th July 2020

Burne-Jones Last Sleep of Arthur in Avalon v2.jpg
Edward Burne-Jones ‘The Last Sleep of Arthur in Avalon’ – image found on Wikipedia

My response to earthweal weekly challenge: Sacred Landscapes

This week Brendan has written about a few places in the world that are held holy, ‘because of the love which consecrates them and the faith which enshrines them’, the names of which are themselves talismans of spiritual beauty. I love that he chose Iona, one of the places I would love to visit, as an example of a magical, spiritual place.

For this week’s challenge, Brendan asks us to imagine places that are important to us, think about what makes them so and how we have maintained relations with the over the years. They could be real or imaginary places where we have lived or only dreamed of visiting.



20 thoughts on “Avalon

  1. We really don’t want Arthur to wake up, though, do we? That would mean things were REALLY bad! Lushly romantic, Kim. You obviously carry a little bit of Camelot in your soul. That’s probably the best that we can do.

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  2. LOVE this! king arthur captivated me as a youth, much of my adult life was spent at renaissance fairs and reenactment events (such as they are, on this side of the pond) oh for a king like Arthur to come again!

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      1. Yes, I remember reading a very strange astrological report on Prince William when he was young. It said he would one day be a kind of latter day King Arthur for Britain. Hard to imagine him like that now as he seems so eager to tow the family line. He does have the courtly manners though and the right look.

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