Rainy Days

rainy day haiku
rolling down the windowpane
sweet susurration

Kim M. Russell, 4th October 2020

My response to Carpe Diem Time Challenge #4 rainy days

I love a time challenge, so thank you, Chèvrefeuille, for deciding to create a Saturday Time Challenge, in which we create a haiku or tanka in forty-eight hours. I also love the theme, ‘rainy days’, which is so apt at the moment.

7 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. The sound of rain on the window is one that I love. When we go into these droughts, I start wondering if I’ll ever hear it again. But I fear hoping for it. In 2013, there was a flood in the area where I was living at the time. My car was slammed into by a wall of water as I was driving across a bridge that there was normally no water save for a tiny bit of runoff below.
    I went through a period of PTSD following that incident where I felt as if I had caused the flood by wishing for rain as we’d had another drought prior to the flood. I also had a very hard time writing following this incident. I felt that I did not deserve to write and that it was frivolous of me to engage in such an activity when there were people who had lost their lives and homes in the flood.
    The area where I lived ended up only looking like it had a hard rain. The city where I worked had a lot of flood damage and there were roads that were washed out in the city just a few miles to the south. The city about 10 miles north was without power for a week.
    ~cie from poetry of the netherworld~

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