Quadrille According to Lewis Carroll

My response to Björn Rudberg’s challenge in Quadrille


Alice was acquainted with the intricate rules

Of formal ballroom dancing, particularly quadrilles.

Thus she was not disconcerted, bewildered or bemused

By curious events that would otherwise confuse

When sea creatures joined together in their pairs,

Took to the floor and danced in squares.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016


Image found on www.cleavebooks.co.uk




12 thoughts on “Quadrille According to Lewis Carroll

  1. DanCinG Boogie WonderlAnds..
    fLoors unkNown.. rabbit
    holes dancinG never
    exploRinG rules
    ‘fore iN dance..
    words and steps
    beYond pre-plan
    miNDs.. counting
    words and steps
    leads aWay
    rUles of steps
    and words.. order
    reQuiRinG.. escaPinG
    rabBit hole paths
    knoWinG no now


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