Some of my neighbours

My small contribution to Jacqui’s  From Here To There….Echoes Of My Neighbourhood over on A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales.

My plans to get out and about taking photographs of some of the many windmills in our neighbourhood (all in different states of repair) have been thwarted by the randomness of the weather and revising Chapters 2 and 3 of my children’s novel.

However, yesterday, while I was hard at work, we had some visitors in our garden.  I just went to the back door to let one of the cats in and there was a mother deer with her baby munching grass under the willow. The first time I tried to take a few photographs from outside the back door, but I spooked the mother. I made sure I kept my camera to hand and, sure enough, they returned!

A few years ago a deer gave birth in the garden and I saw her lick off the amniotic fluid before the baby took its first wobbly steps.


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