Invisible London

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie B&P’s Shadorma & Beyond – ABC Poem   Against the constant Backing track of traffic, Common sounds of the city Drum in an Ever-present hum. Fixed in the haloes of street lights, Glimpses of passing faces, Hurrying home; In shop windows and shattered bus-stop glass, Jazzy Kaleidoscope of Lights. Morning […]

Easter Sunday

On a lazy Sunday on a muddy bank by the slow green flow of the river, toes dipping in the chilly water, hidden by the long grass, a hovering breeze stirs the air, sharp with wild garlic; blows daffodils’ trumpets, brash yellow strumpets; flutters primrose petals glinting in amongst the brambles; buffets boughs of flowers […]

The Lost Pharaoh

Inspired by an article I read in The Times   Over two thousand years ago Colossal statues of Pharaohs Were carved out of rosy granite But Egyptian land was subsiding And the holy temple sinking The city of Heracleion Lost in the Mediterranean.   Discovered by archaeologists Who saved it from the sea mists Dug […]