Easter at the Salt Marsh

Pale rays of sea aster and heads of lavender smear the salt marsh mauve and purple, a wave of Easter colour, pungent with a salty, muddy scent. Seaside spirits sing a hymn, a cheerful noise, a chink of halyards and a flap of sails, wind, waves and distant whales. Kim M. Russell, 3rd September 2019 […]

Easter Sunday

On a lazy Sunday on a muddy bank by the slow green flow of the river, toes dipping in the chilly water, hidden by the long grass, a hovering breeze stirs the air, sharp with wild garlic; blows daffodils’ trumpets, brash yellow strumpets; flutters primrose petals glinting in amongst the brambles; buffets boughs of flowers […]

The Myth of Mary

I do not think of myself as religious, spiritual perhaps, but I am intrigued by stories and women from the Bible, such as Delilah and Salome, and at Easter I think of Mary Magdalene.   Mary Magdalene goddess and icon or penitent prostitute reformed by love anointing his feet and dead body witness of the […]