The Myth of Mary

I do not think of myself as religious, spiritual perhaps, but I am intrigued by stories and women from the Bible, such as Delilah and Salome, and at Easter I think of Mary Magdalene.


Mary Magdalene

goddess and icon

or penitent prostitute

reformed by love

anointing his feet

and dead body

witness of the resurrection

drying feet

and tears

with her lustrous hair


© Kim M. Russell, 2016


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7 thoughts on “The Myth of Mary

  1. I’m not religious either seeing that so many wars have been caused by and fought for religion. But. I’m also a little fascinated by the lives led by the people of the bible who I believe existed if perhaps not in the way they are drawn. I also wondered at one time why so many gospels were not included in the bible which included the one by Mary Magdalene.In the Roman world, she was insignificant though being a woman. A shame as her point of view might have shed new light on J.C.
    Anyway ( I get to a point eventually) a few years ago ( a couple of Popes) The Catholic Church apologised for calling Magdalene a prostitute saying something like there was more than one Mary and they didn’t separate them. Mary M was probably a wealthy young woman as in Magdala females could inherit, who followed Jesus. Many of the scriptures indicate she may have been more than a disciple.
    Since Jewish men were expected to marry before they were 30 and J.C. was Jewish it’s possible they were man and wife……..conjecture on my part.

    Massive Hugs

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  2. This woman, a prostitute? Certainly. Called apart by Jesus. A fact. An icon. Perhaps, to some. Remembered? Yes, for over 2,000 years. For what? Why is she so controversial? She gave an extreme amount of costly perfume-worth a great deal of money-broke the entire bottle and anointed the feet of a man who saw her differently-as a person in her own right, not just a woman. There is nothing in scripture to suggest Mary M. was wealthy. She was about to be stoned by the men of her village. Jesus met her, drawing water at a common well. There is nothing in scripture that even implies that Jesus was ever married to anyone. Yes, this is conjecture.
    Mary M. gave All, as many who knew and have know their savior. It is a response of the heart, one of faith, of Love. It is the only response if you have met Jesus in truth.
    The Vince Code is a novel
    The Word of God is Truth.

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