Frankenstein’s Fantasia

I took two poems I posted a while ago and created a new poem as a response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics – Fantasia


A silver thread of melody

Augments and diminishes

In dissonance and harmony,

Underpinned by a heartbeat.


Echoing with ambient sound,

Crushing crescendo and euphony,

Drums and dynamics bloom and bough,

As one note evolves into polyphony.


Frankenstein’s fantasia:

Borne on waves of consonance

And dissonance,

Carried across oceans of concrescence

In the cadence

Of a phantom wind’s caress.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

Frankensteins Fantasia

Image found on Pinterest


17 thoughts on “Frankenstein’s Fantasia

  1. Wow! This is a great response to the prompt — and the two previous poems meld extremely well. I read it twice — and then once aloud. It magnifies the meaning when read aloud — the sounds of the words.
    Love the use of the word “concrescence.” The sound of it goes with the other words here and the meaning of it the image. The brilliance of Shelly (was that who wrote Frankenstein)—to piece together this creature. And your use of the words cadence and caress — that hard “c” sound here at the end. For me, the word “cadaver” came to mind when I saw cadence — and how appropriate is that for Frankenstein — the essence of cadavers reassembled and jolted alive? My mind just keeps leaping here 🙂 Well, I’m awake now this morning! 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Lillian. I enjoyed putting it together from the older poems and felt a little like Frankenstein myself! In the original poems I experimented with words and form to convey the ambience of the instrumental music of the American band Caspian. I’m so delighted with your reaction! You can find the original poems here:

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  2. When the old can be retooled, the new work is the best, the essence of the former, with a tip of the pen to the present, the Now; music & man playing God; nice morphing.

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  3. Excellent poem. I like Frankenstein and music. One of my favorite cable series is Penny Dreadful. I keep seejng that characterization of Frankenstein’s monster in this. The character is played by Rory Kinnear, a most accomplishecd Shakespearean acgor with a beautiful voice. There are a couple of instances where he quotes some poetry and at one point dances a small impromptu waltz with another main character. I kept seeing the contrasts in the character in this. Excellent job of redoing these two poems. Sometimes playing Frankenstein with poems works wonderfully well.

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    1. Oh I’m a huge fan of Penny Dreadful – can’t wait for the new series. I loved the way the monster called himself John Clare and quoted Clare’s poetry.


      1. I did too! I can hardly wait for season 3 to begin. Every trailer I can find Ihave watched. And getting Ethan back into the mix…yay team. But I regret the killing of Sembene. So much depth and strength in his character. G

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  4. Boris Karloff as Frankenstein…I remember watching him in the movie as a kid and was scared witless by it! 🙂 But what a ‘fantastic’ poem melding the monster’s first sparks of life with musicality.


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