Alphabet Soup

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Bonus Wordle “Alphabet Soup”

Alphabet Soup

Trees performing arabesques

Raise their branches, a complex

Latticework, a deadfall

Trapping clouds and stars

In error, collecting drops in reservoirs,

Dripping foliage all awash,

Silhouettes in a lightning flash.

Their trunks are gnarled

With bark like gristle,

Their knots are hard,

Their twigs like bristles

That itch and scratch,

Their jaundiced leaves

Are hard to catch.

Chuckling down the drain

Like a kookaburra,

The rain,

Accompanied by thunder,

Eddies in its lachesism,

Tainting puddles with murky mud,

Staining the soil with its own blood.

Mother Earth is numb with icy water,

But she must obey her daughter

Moon, a frosty face among the stars,

Pulsing and shooting from Venus to Mars,

A quill driver to the universe,

Penning odes and other rough verse.

Earth wets her quill with rain saliva,

Trembles in the freezing storm,

Her face upturned to heaven,

Hoping for the sun to warm

Her stiff fingers, ever worse,

In order to compose her verse

Of wistful words and rambling rhyme.

The xerarch of the universe

Yields to her lush greenness

Zigzags across the brightening sky

And thaws her with its golden eye.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

3 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup

  1. Brilliant! You completely worked this, including the “options” all into this incredible verse, which tells such a lovely, poetic story, full of richness and intensity – how the heaven’s shine in this piece Kim! Well done! And extra kudos! Holy smokes – awesome job of it 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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