Demise of Spring – a haibun

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Haibun Monday #12 – Beauty in decay

 Demise of Spring

 It’s a rainy Tuesday morning near the end of April. A chill wind tosses the willows, shaking young leaves that drip with icy rain. Spring buds and blooms are fearful. The daffodils in the vase have antiqued and their papery petals are crumbling into dust, leaving yellow streaks of redundant pollen on the dining table. The remaining few inches of murky water, tinged with green slime, emit a whiff of decay and the incandescent yellow of fresh heads that once trumpeted the arrival of spring has faded, sagging limply, smudged and sallow on drooping stalks.

trumpets once burnished

are now tattered and tarnished

wrinkled old ladies

© Kim M. Russell, 2016


15 thoughts on “Demise of Spring – a haibun

  1. “shaking young leaves that drip with icy rain” — love this line. Excellent imagery here. And the haibun — the idea of tarnished trumpets and old ladies — brings us to a new place with the haibun. This is a wonderful write.

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  2. Fading flowers compared to old ladies…I can see the similarities! Perfect description of an aging bouquet of flowers including that smelly, slimy water. I enjoyed your wonderful haibun very much, Kim.

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