The Murdered Lover

My response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #110

The Murdered Lover

Image by Mira Nedyalkova

She floats, cloudy chiffon-shrouded corpse

Among the waterlilies, a damsel fly,

Once distressed but now at peace.

She sinks, buoyant bubble-buffeted body,

Among the frog spawn burbling by,

Once captured but now released.

She lies, leaden lady of the lake,

Mud-filled mouth and sightless eyes

Once bright with kisses, now deceased.

She rots, decaying flesh in a marble morgue,

Bruised and clotted, deconstructed by demise,

Once her lover’s prize, now a murderer’s masterpiece.

© Kim M. Russell, 2016

13 thoughts on “The Murdered Lover

  1. I love your writing , funny frog spawned, good thing she had her eyes shut, I like the concept of reinterpreting others. Is this what you? said,greater understanding . Oh your writing is wonderful and excuse me for playiing around with spewy, foaming frog stuff. It’s lung caner, I Know and I thought OMG does the lady have her mouth open or shut.
    lastly is that a picture of you,your soon and ,mom?

    Really do your book slow it deserves your elegance. barb

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Barb! In that poem I was trying to follow the journey of the murdered woman as she sank below the lake. I think her mouth was open, which is why it was full of mud and stuff from the bottom of the lake. If you mean the main black and white picture on my website, that’s me on my mum’s lap with my father’s sister behind us. She was very independent and progressive for the time and ran a local night club. She threw me a birthday party there when I was four and took me on my first holiday to the seaside with her boyfriend and his dog – very unusual for those days. 😉


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