Poetic Panhandler

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics – secret admirers

For this week’s poetics Abhra  wants us to write about a dVerse poet or another poet we know: about their writing style, about their uniqueness and how we connect to their words. We can pick a poem of the poet of our choice and write a response to it. The only rule is do not mention the poet.


She is from

words, birds

of poetry flying

from her pensive pen,

performing acrobatics.

She is music dancing off

the stave to the rhythm of

its own tune. She knows the

sadness of pencils and the quiet

pink will of the eraser in her search

for things unsaid. She is not afraid to shout

in sidewalk chalk, paid only in skysong spare change.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

Poetic Panhandler

26 thoughts on “Poetic Panhandler

  1. A lovely poem, this. If, as Mary said, this poet has been chosen 4 times, I’m a bit confused, but that does not reduce the pleasure of reading your/her words. I’m not sure, though, that any of the tributes have been for men; we of the male gender of poets feel a bit left out.

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    1. Don’t feel left out. I thought of you but couldn’t come up with a poem that would do you true justice, Glenn. I’ll see what I can do for Open Link. 😊


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