My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille – 8

I can’t believe I just sat down with a bowl of fruit and yogurt and wrote this in one go – in exactly 44 words!

I can still

feel the thrill

of running in

my friends


at both ends

me jumping

in time

to their singing –


all those years ago

in the playground

of a South London school

could I imagine

my own garden

with deer



© Kim M. Russell, 2016

Image of children skipping found on Pinterest; image of deer skipping is my own

25 thoughts on “Skipping

    1. Thanks, Bjorn. I haven’t got round to reading any of the other poems yet as my daughter sent me the script of her wedding ceremony to proofread! There’s a great choice of poems for the readings (Edward Monkton, Leo Marks and Simon Armitage). I will be reading two of my own poems at the celebrations afterwards. I just hope I will be fully recovered from my chest infection and speaking and laughing, amongst other things, make me cough.


    1. Thanks, De! I’ll be interested to see what the prompt is on dVerse this evening . It isn’t accessible to me until about eight thirty British time.


  1. I have seen deer strolling, leaping, running, grazing, sleeping…never skipping! Lots of joy to your daughter and I know you will do a wonderful job reading. Somehow, love makes it all come out right.

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    1. Now there are two things I have never had in my garden, skunks and raccoons! I’ve just read North of Here, in which the natural environment of the Arondiracks is described in some detail. I’ve seen America’s wonderful landscapes on nature programmes and it must be awesome in real life.

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