Exploring Rodin

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Open a new door with me



a sunny day

we strolled hand in hand

to the Musée Rodin

passed through doors

to explore

marble skin

and burnished bronze bones

bathed in dust speckled bars of light

wandered into a garden of statues

planted among shrubs and flowers

along a path

to the Gates of Hell

the miniature world

of Rodin’s art


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

Gates of Hell 2

Image found on http://www.musee-rodin.fr/en/museum/musee-rodin-paris/sculpture-garden


21 thoughts on “Exploring Rodin

  1. oooooh….relishing my morning cup and then to be transported back in time and place….to Paris and this wonderful museum. Have been there many years ago and it was magical! And you’ve brought me back oh so beautifully! Especially love these words:
    “to explore marble skin
    and burnished bronze bones
    bathed in dust speckled bars of light”
    This is really a wonderful response to the prompt! So glad you had time to post — and enjoy your time in Vienna! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Lillian! We picked up my daughter’s wedding dress this morning – she looked so beautiful when she tried it on. I’m looking forward to Vienna (Hundertwasser House, the Belvedere again for Klimt and other museums for Schiele et al, but the highlight of this year will be 30th May, her wedding day.

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      1. I’ve been to Vienna – the Hunderwasser House was so wonderful – I shall need to get the book out that I purchased there! And sitting here in my study, I look to the right and on the wall is a very huge print of Klimt’s that we bought there and had framed when we lived in Iowa – oh so long ago. It’s of a mother with her dark curly haired child snuggling into her chest – it just exudes motherly love. I believe it may be “part” of a larger work? Ah Vienna! We must get back there!! Enjoy!!
        And yes – your daughter’s wedding will be etched in your memory for years to come. A line from Fiddler on the Roof when he sees his daughter in her wedding dress: “I don’t remember getting older. When did she?”

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  2. Incredible beauty within this sparse batch of wonderful words & images; like the others you had me at //bathed in speckled bars of light/ as microbes & particles of dust dance in the hot rays.

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    1. Thanks Glenn. It was a strange experience, having only ever heard of the Gates of Hell, to see them up close and to find out that some of Rodin’s larger works are on them in smaller versions. It’s an amazing museum and there were dust motes dancing in the rays of sunlight! I wrote a poem while we were there but I couldn’t find it.


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