My response to dVerse Poets Pub 5 Year Celebration Part Five; Revisiting Anthony Desmond

Gayle is hosting the 5th part and last day of the special 5th anniversary celebration, starting with an interview with Anthony Desmond, including his poem ‘When Everything Real is Gone’ as a prompt to reflect and write on a belief (or what we thought was real) and how they can transform as our views and ideas change throughout our lives. 


I always believed we were three bright stars,

Three sisters –

We didn’t have a brother –

Never far from our Earth mother,

An open star cluster

Until I sailed away

On foreign seas.

Now middle-aged Pleiades,

We are fading stars

And I have realised

That sisterhood is nebulous

In the stubborn constellation of Taurus.

No longer a pole star in your lives,

I’m just a white dwarf,

A faint glimmer in the night sky.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016


Image found on Pinterest


26 thoughts on “Pleiades

  1. some nice rhymes throughout give this a gentle pull like a meandering stream.
    it is interesting how some things change in our lives…what was once so important
    becomes less. what we thought would be forever, is not. nice use of the stars which we oft think last forever but do burn out.

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  2. Hello Kim.. i Love comparing natUre
    to our human relationships2..
    as after all our EmoTions
    are ions of emoTing
    no different
    really than
    ions noW iN
    rays of SuN..
    sMiLes.. i AM
    a giant star that
    burns a breath too
    close to fire the cool
    of otHeR stars near me..
    but as that goes.. my fire
    never burns out.. never exhausted
    as humans have a secret weapon
    that not even stars have.. a power
    so infinitely more
    powerful now that
    even defeats
    Nature’s Law
    of Entropy now..
    and that IS A
    star power oF Love
    when powered beyond
    restraints of all EmoTioNs
    of fear related ways..
    BeYond 100%
    warp speed
    power of hUman
    Love.. funny.. i was going
    to see the movie Star Trek
    this afternoon.. but i decided
    to journey BeYond within instead..
    iN online poEtry UniVerse LAnd..
    THere’s alWays toMorRow
    for a movie..
    but tHeRe’s
    for Love..
    Have a great
    day.. i for one
    Believe in the power
    of Fearless Love and it
    seems in empirical results
    for me.. W/
    wiNks.. oF Love..:)

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  3. It is sad how siblings drift apart, withdraw from each other. Despite attempts at reconciliation – my brother remains estranged. I have accepted it now and no longer let it hurt me.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

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