Deluge (again)

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Tuesday Poetics: Drought or Deluge


After weeks of summer drought,

It’s pouring again,

Fluidity fluctuating between

Short showers and torrential rain.

Outside, the cat pounces

On each drop that bounces;

Liquid diamonds gush down shoots

To be guzzled up by dehydrated roots;

Water butt and gutters bubble,

Overflowing into thirsty puddles.

Barefoot and dry as a stone,

I dance like mad

Until I’m soaked to the bone.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016

Deluge Again

Image found on Pinterest

Walter is hosting this Tuesday’s Poetics. He has continued with the topic of Monday’s haibun – summer weather. I was interested to read that much of the US has been experiencing major drought conditions, unlike the UK. I loved the photograph of a red sunset over cracked earth, something I can’t imagine ever experiencing in real life. Walter has asked us to write a poem about either drought or deluge, so I have re-worked a couple of old scribbles from last year.



25 thoughts on “Deluge (again)

  1. I love how you dance in the rain! We had severe thunderstorms last night and pouring rain. This morning it is sunny and too hot. The rhymes in this are so playful. The cat pounces on each drop that bounches….yes!

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  2. Ah the joy of long awaited rain! You’ve penned that emotion well…..dancing like mad….I can imagine you, arms flung wide, barefoot, turning circles and circles in the rain with face tipped up. Lovely!

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  3. A mix of storm.. deluge
    and Summer as often
    finds the sub-tropic of
    the Panhandle of Florida here..
    and haha.. i tried a new style of
    moon walk dancing in creek way
    several weeks ago..
    Refreshing it was..
    and ha.. had my
    smartphone in my
    hand no water proof
    there and thank goodness
    for smartphone
    iphone 6s..

    StreAM Moonwalk
    Smart phone sAMe..:)

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  4. This is a very sweet paean to precipitation–here (in WA state we having a heat wave–90 is damn hot in he NW). It comes off as personal & playful.

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