My Asymmetry

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille – I am who I am, but tomorrow, who knows?

For Monday’s Quadrille (a poem of 44 words: no more, no less – not including the title), Lillian has asked us to create a self-portrait. 


I look in a mirror and see

A transient ischemic face

Staring back at me

In warts-and-all asymmetry.

I forget it is only

A reflection

Of the outer me

That others see.

Shy of photographs,

I marvel

At a perfect portrait:

The inner me.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016


One of the amazing photographs taken recently by an ex-student of mine, the very talented, fifteen-year-old Taryn Everdeen.


34 thoughts on “My Asymmetry

  1. Love the poem, love the pic!
    It’s true, right? The mirror only reflects the outer self—now that would be some magical mirror if it could also reflect the inner — how would the image do that??? Interesting to think about that. I’m reminded of the little “face” chart they show you at the hospital when they ask you your pain level and the drawings show gradients of no pain to grimacing at the extreme. What if the mirror could show gradients of who we are??? Ah, you’ve got me thinking here! 😊 Lovely lady – lovely words!

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    1. Thank you, Lillian! I was so pleasantly surprised with those photos, which were taken by a much younger person. I think they see us in a different light – not quite so judgemental as older people.

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  2. Okay, truth check: How many of you had to Google “ischemic”?

    I am totally in touch with your sentiment about “the inner me.” Photos and I are not on first name basis. My old joke was that I would wake up Redford (or whoever the latest was) and then look into the mirror. I just recently saw a post about looking into the mirror first thing in the morning and saying, “That can’t be right.” Your poem speaks about more than just what the voice of the poet may be feeling. It frees the reader to stand alongside and place an arm around the shoulder. Your poem does what truly good poetry is supposed to do.

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  3. You are so beautiful! The outside and the inside. Our inner us-es are truly lovely. and I hate my pic being taken.under d’Team on the d’Verse page, you can see the imageI chose to present and then I used a 6 year old self for this. So good to know you much better and to put a face with your lovely words.

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  4. I think self love is part of what makes us beautiful and that you are!
    Who asked the mirror anyways? I hate mirrors.
    Nice to know the face behind your lovely poetry, Kim. 🙂

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