Why am I Scared of Sharks?

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: What Are You Afraid Of?

This evening Mish has asked us to think about fear.


I will never encounter a real shark,

although Jaws gave me nightmares,

still makes me jump.

And living in the countryside,

I’m unlikely to meet an aggressive drunk

or witness a late night

street fight.

What really scares me

is what I see

every day on TV:

mindless violence,

fanatical insanity

and the decline of humanity.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016


Image found on horrorfilmcentral.com


28 thoughts on “Why am I Scared of Sharks?

  1. My sentiments exactly. I am appalled by it…both the reality of violence as well as what television considers entertainment for our children. I love the title and how you took fear to a different level and unfortunately more justifiable.

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    1. Hi Kat! I was just about to go to bed and thought I’d have one last look at WordPress – and there you were! How’s the weather where you live? It’s been raining here again😕 but it’s supposed to improve by the weekend. Yet another lousy British summer. I hope your week is fair. Kim


  2. I had a Jamaican Friend.. a super smart
    guy from the Island who said he never
    kept or watched or listened
    to anything related to scary
    like monkey see.. monkey
    hear.. and monkey do too..
    And i have to admit now that i no
    longer watch TV the only voices i
    hear in drifting memory to sleep are
    the ones i wrote and never the one’s
    that beLonG in another scary play
    or Real..
    i change what i can
    and turn the rest oFF..:)

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  3. My sentiments too that is why I hardly turn it to the news. I read the news mostly in the website, and it is distressing to read the stories that shows the baser side of humanity. Enjoyed this one Kim.

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  4. Are the times we live in really so dark? The Media & Trump would like us to think so, but if memory serves, many times in the past, violence, war, famine, murder, terrorists acts besmirched our news as well. We just hear about sooner & incessantly now.

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    1. It’s not just the political darkness, Glenn; there has been a number of horrible crimes in the UK, mostly perpetrated by men against women and children, that have made me despair. But you’re right, we do hear about it sooner and all the time, not just on TV . Thanks for reading and commenting.


  5. And you live in the country! Go exponential in the city… especially the driving!

    Your poem throws a curve better than a big-leaguer on steroids! Sharks = us! Great use of misdirection.

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